Quality Elastic Webbing 100
Quality Elastic Webbing 100
Elastic Webbing - 100 Percent Stretch - 100 Metres

Quality Elastic Webbing 100


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Quality Elastic Webbing - 50mm (2 Inches) wide. Chair, Sofa, Seat Webbing.

Elasticated webbing is supplied in various strengths, which allows the upholsterer to choose the appropriate tension type for the purpose required (i.e. for a seat of a chair or a chair back or arm) and to adapt the chair so that it can be produced with a firm or soft feel or support, depending on your preference.

This elastic webbing is used on the backs and arms of furniture. It is best stapled or tacked into position to secure, or pirelli webbing clips can be used also.This high-quality webbing is 100% stretch, therefore, for example, 1 metre would stretch an additional 100% at the extreme to 2 metres. It is ideal for use on the backs of furniture but not ideal for the furniture seat, although can be used depending on the elasticity required.</a></a>

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