Dorchester Black Chrome Slipper Cup - Including Screws
Dorchester Black Chrome Slipper Cup

Dorchester Black Chrome Slipper Cup


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Dorchester Black Chrome Slipper Cup. Furniture Leg caps - Height 25mm. 30mm internal diameter across the top of the cup. Includes a wood screw for the bottom of the cup.

Dorchester Black Chrome Round Slipper Cup. Fit to wooden furniture legs. Slipper cups, also known as leg caps, provide a stylish alternative to castors. You can use these instead of castors on legs for furniture, sofas, tables, chairs and beds. This is a quality manufactured solid brass leg cap with a black chrome finish and traditional design. Widely used throughout the furniture industry by furniture manufacturers, upholsterers and interior designers. These slipper cups are sold individually. Full dimensions for the slipper cups are at the bottom of this page. Height 25mm.

The slipper cups or leg caps provide stylish embellishments. A popular alternative to castors, and often used on the back, to match with furniture castors on the front of chairs and sofas. A standard wood screw is included free with each cup, so all you need is a screwdriver to securely fit them to furniture legs through a recessed hole at the bottom of the cup. The screw cannot be seen when fitted.

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