Zig Zag Spring Clips - 3 Pairs with Nails
Tension Spring Plate
Pirelli Webbing Clips - 1 Clip
Clips, Links, Plates & Wire for Springs
Border Wire Clips (for border wire) - 1 Dozen

Clips, Links, Plates & Wire for Springs


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Tension Spring Plate 18" in length with 9 holes. Border Wire 9 Gauge Border Wire Clips 3-pronged Zig Zag Spring Clips & nails.

Border wire clips are an option instead of the traditional binding method of using twine to secure border wire to the front edge of springs. Use a pair of pliers or specialist binding tool to close the clip around them both.

Zig Zag Spring Clips and the included nails are used for fixing zig zag springs.

Pirelli webbing clips are used for pirelli webbing and can be used with elastic webbing.

Tension spring plates are metal plates 18" in length with 9 holes on which to hook tension springs. You fix using nails or screws (not included) to either side of the seat frame.</a></a>

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