Antique Brass Castor Round Reeded Cup
Antique Brass Castor Round Reeded Cup

Antique Brass Castor Round Reeded Cup


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Antique Brass Castor with a reeded cup for Furniture - 1 1/4 Inch (32mm) available - Including Screws. Sold individually. See dimension drawings.

Antique Castor with a Round Reeded Cup, including grooved or fluted detailing on the cup. This is a unique design intended to create distinctive furniture. 1 1/4 Inch (32mm) refers to the internal width at the top of the cup, and wheel size. See dimension drawings.

This is a quality manufactured solid brass castor with a traditional design and antique finish and is widely used throughout the furniture industry by furniture manufacturers, upholsterers and interior designers. It has a solid brass cup, frame and wheel.

This castor has a round cup into which a wooden leg is secured with three screws and they are easy to fix. All you need is a screwdriver. Three screws are included with each caster. The style of the castor for your project is selected on the basis of the furniture design and your preference.

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