16mm Improved Upholstery Tacks - 1 Kilo

Upholstery Tacks


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Upholstery Tacks - For Chair and Sofa Frames. Complete size range available.

Quality upholstery tacks or nails. We are often asked which tack to use for which material and chair or sofa frame. The answer is to use the smallest tack suitable for the job, too small and your work may not hold or may tear, too large and your frame may be damaged. As a distinction, improved tacks have larger heads than fine. Typically purchased in 200 Gram packets, these tacks are also available in 50 Gram handy packs, and 1 Kilo packs for extensive use.

As a guide for use:

6mm Fine - Very fine work with delicate fabrics.
10mm Fine - For fine detail work including fixing top fabric, calico and quality scrim.
10mm Improved - For fine fixing work, including webbing to fine frames, but more commonly tarpaulin and hessians.
13mm Fine - More frequently used than 10mm, particularly when a more secure fixing is required.
13mm Improved - Extensively used for general upholstery work but particularly when fixing webbing to frames.
16mm Fine - Used for heavier work on finer frames.
16mm Improved - Used extensively for heavier work including for fixing webbing to heavier frames and fastening laid cord.
20mm Improved - Used on heavy work, when a very long fixing is needed, for heavyweight webbing or through several layers of fabric.
25mm Improved - Used on heavy work, when a very long fixing is needed. Often used for carpets.


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