Sofa Spring Zig Zag 30in
Border Wire Clips (for border wire) - 1 Dozen
Zig Zag Spring Clips - 3 Pairs with Nails

Sofa Springs Zig Zag


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Also known as Sofa Springs, Chair Springs, Sinuous Springs, Serpentine Springs or Snake Springs. Zig Zag Springs, unlike tension springs are fixed front to back and up and down. They are manufactured with a high-carbon steel and the D Arc option is particularly popular for upholstery projects.

These chair or sofa springs are in a D Arc (curved shape) and are usually stretched from the front to the back of your seat. They are manufactured with 9 Gauge wire and cut to individual set lengths measured in Inches. Measure existing springs pressed flat to the floor to get an accurate measurement for replacements.

The exception to this is the 11 Gauge wire which is sold by the foot and not in a D Arc shape. This is used for the backs of chairs.

Fixings are also displayed in the options and more details on their use is provided in the Clips, Links, Plates & Wire section. Border wire and clips can be used to join the springs.</a></a>

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