Heavy Duty Professional Staple Gun
Heavy Duty Professional Staple Gun

Heavy Duty Professional Staple Gun


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Heavy Duty Professional Upholstery Staple Gun - Professional tool for the workshop, furniture making, screen making and carpentry related projects. Staple Lengths: 25-50mm. Includes safety goggles, oil and keys in a handy boxed set.

This quality upholstery professional staple gun is a 14 series, which fires 14 series staples ranging in size from 25mm to 50mm. It is used with a compressed air source. The gun can hold hundreds of staples at a time and is an essential tool in the upholstery workshop. In addition, its multi-purpose qualities are demonstrated when used for a vast range of other end use applications including for furniture and cabinet making, framing, garden furniture, office screens and theatre scenery, display stands and shop fitting, and similar activities. Suitable for heavy frames.

A well balanced, ergonomic professional tool with a cushioned non-slip grip and quick loading staple magazine. Features a long protruding nose to staple into tight corners or grooves.</a></a>

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