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  1. Alderney Solid Brass Furniture Legs
    Alderney Solid Brass Furniture Legs
    As low as 869,66 kr
  2. elba standard
    Elba Solid Brass Metal Legs
    869,66 kr
  3. Queenstown antique metal legs
    Malmo Brass Metal Legs
    Regular Price 869,66 kr Special Price 739,20 kr
  4. Scrim foam for vehicle trimming and furniture upholstery
    Scrim Foam 3mm Thickness
    43,40 kr
  5. Vintage Antique Square Cup Castors
    Vintage Antique Square Cup Castor
    As low as 86,89 kr
  6. Norse Table Legs
    Norse Table Legs
    608,74 kr

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