We value your custom and strive to ensure that every order is dispatched complete, on time and packaged with care and attention*. We accept all major credit and debit cards including American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. Paypal is also available.

At checkout, address capture technology will automatically identify your address in Denmark. Just start typing and your address will appear. A full range of shipping options will be offered.

Delivery time to Denmark is three working days. Flat rate shipping of DKK 100 ** for all orders under DKK 500 ***. Free delivery for orders over DKK 500.

Free delivery for orders over DKK 500 to Denmark.

All Products are sold through the website with an additional fee added at the checkout stage, for Import Taxes and Charges. This accounts for any VAT, import duties, import charges levied, or local taxes. We collect this and pay in advance to prevent any delay of your order at local customs. All orders are shipped directly from the UK.

Returns are allowed subject to our standard terms & conditions.


*For delivery of large quantities of bulk items, for example hair or fibre, an additional charge may be made on placing your order. You will be contacted with a revised price based on your location, and you will then have a choice of a refund or to proceed. This affects less than 1% of orders.

**There may be very slight fluctuations of a few cents in the flat shipping rate, due to exchange rate fluctuations.

***The quoted postage cost is the price paid by you the customer (subject to free delivery offers). The actual postage cost may be slightly higher or lower than the price paid. If higher, no further charges will be taken from you the customer. If lower, no refund of charges will be available and will be a contribution towards packing costs.